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Transform You & Your Practice So You Can Serve Smarter, Not Harder

Mindset Reset

Your counseling & coaching business transformation begins with you. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes you tick. What do you value? What are your motivations? What do you want to accomplish? How do you think about money? You can make a decent living doing what you love and charge what you are worth, not just what the insurance company reimburses you for or what seems customary. Let’s tweak your approach and discover you have more to offer your clients than you think.


This isn’t just some online course you purchase then you are left high and dry without any support. One-on-one and group coaching is available to you when you decide to work with me. I am a licensed counseling therapist and know the pains of having to hustle for clients, fill out gobs of paperwork for the insurance companies, the fear of audits, and the hassles of collecting co-pays, meeting deductibles, sliding scales, and haggling over payments. You won’t have to do that anymore if you don’t want to.

Digital Marketing

If you want to broaden your reach and serve more people, you have got to have an online presence. You will learn the basics of online marketing so you can begin to attract the clients you want to serve – the ones who want your services, your products, your programs – and get paid without having to bill the insurance companies! You can even learn how you can serve others and make money while you sleep!


With the autonomy of not dealing with insurance companies and regulations, or even a boss over your shoulder micro-managing everything you do, you can practice when you want and how you want. You realize you can create your own schedule, have the freedom to spend more time with what you want to do, and ultimately learn to work smarter, not harder for more money. I can help guide you into developing the mindset for transforming your practice into a more profitable, fulfilling venture. 


I never really understood what a business coach was until I spoke with Scott. I thought it could be beneficial to try out, but I had no idea if I would like it. I was shocked at Scott's ability to produce "light bulb moments" in just about every session we scheduled. He will leave you with a feeling of clarity and yet a desire to learn more about yourself or your goals every single time. You may find out that the things you truly value are much different than what you originally believed once you achieve the level of clarity that his coaching will provide you.

Fred Shanks Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur


"Success isn't measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace."

Mike Ditka NFL Hall of Famer


Everybody needs a coach because you just can't see yourself like other people see you. You don't always know how you come across and sometimes you need a safe, trusted, confidential partner who keeps your best interests at the forefront and has the tools to keep you on top of your game of life.

Eric Schmidt - Former Google Chair and CEO 

Who does this benefit?

Therapists & Counselors

You’ve spent years getting your degrees, fulfilling state licensing requirements, and getting all those CE’s done at the last minute, yet you feel limited in your practice because you can only do so much. There is only so much time in the day… I get it!  I am not suggesting you to ditch your licenses, ethics and continuing education. I’ve kept my licenses. What I am proposing for you is the ability to expand your offerings to clients who will want to hand you cash for your expertise! Tweak your own interventions, learn to attract and serve your ideal clients, stop being limited by insurance company authorizations. Learn to market yourself so you are in a position of authority and able to charge what you like, not what the insurance company wants to reimburse you.

Life & Business Coaches

You’re an established coach yet your leads are drying up. Or you are spending too much time at boring networking events and coaching continuing education events and not getting a great return on your investment. Maybe your website needs a face lift or it just plain sucks…. Let’s tweak your approach to getting and keeping your ideal clients, learn how you can potentially take your practice to “viral” levels online, and learn to work smarter, not harder.

My name is Scott Kixmiller, LCSW, LCAS and I help guide professional therapists and coaches into developing the marketing and mindset for transforming their practices into more profitable, fulfilling ventures. I can help you recognize the value of your education, experience, and expertise - in and out of the therapy room - so you can repurpose and repackage your skills into multiple income streams.

Help Others While 
Helping Yourself

Learn to Create the Practice You Want, Earn the Income You Want - All While Creating a New Level of Freedom For Yourself and Family!