Who Is This Guy?


I'm Scott Kixmiller, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

Hi and thanks for stopping by. You’ve made it this far so I must have piqued your interest. Let’s get to the point then….

I want to help you transform your practice through marketing and mindset coaching. 

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Just like with other professionals in crowded fields, I realize you have a wide assortment of resources for your marketing and practice growth requirements.

My aim is to be a go-to coach and consultant for life and business coaches as well as mental health and addiction therapists (helping professionals). I bring the distinct combination of advertising/marketing and licensed therapist to help you achieve your goals. Even if we never meet, I want to be a resource for your marketing needs.

By trade, I have a Master of Social Work from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Science from Appalachian State University in Industrial Technology. I have practiced as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, and Certified Clinical Supervisor in North Carolina for over 12 years.

I was also in the advertising industry for over 9 years as production artist in desktop publishing designing ads for a national magazine with over 200,000 circulation as well as laying out and assembling ad circulars and publications for several large grocery store chains.

Now I am a practice transformation professional in helping coaches and therapists revitalize their businesses into more fulfilling and profitable ventures through creative marketing, advertising, and brand awareness.

I offer one on one, group coaching, and other services to help my clients market themselves to attract more ideal leads to their practices.

Why Should You Be Marketing?

If you are anything like me, you’re ready to make some changes in your life.

You enjoy helping others, but it comes at a cost.

It could be there’s too much paperwork and the insurance companies are giving you a tough time (God-forbid they pay you what you are worth).

Maybe you are tired of trading hours for dollars, and you’d like to get a little more fulfillment in your job, coaching practice, or business.

Or you are just plain BURNED OUT, a dangerous place to be.

It just came to a point that I knew I was ready for something different, and I began looking for ways I could branch out yet remain true to what gives me fulfillment – helping others.

Read on…

My mission is to be the go-to marketing and coaching authority that helps guide professional therapists and coaches into developing the marketing mindset and practices for transforming their businesses into more profitable, fulfilling ventures through value, honesty and integrity leading to a life of freedom for themselves and their families.

Everyone knows someone who's been affected by the US health care system.

More specifically the insurance companies.

This is how I reached the tipping point to avoid completely burning out…

I can't tell you the numerous times I've sat with clients who pay outlandish insurance premiums, have a high copay and then receive a bill.

On top of that, if they need additional care or sessions, the insurance company tells them they have run out of their allotment.

Why can't mental health and addiction therapy (treatment of the brain) be classified the same as the rest of the body?

Then you, or someone in your organization, must call and get another prior authorization, let alone we had to get one the first time because the type or duration of therapy may not be covered unless we ask for permission.

What a load of BS!

I’ve ridden this train for over 11 years in various capacities. I’ve been salaried, hourly and been a 1099 contractor.

I’ve made some decent money. But the volume was killing me.

40+ hours a week of seeing clients and putting out fires.

And then there was the notes and treatment plans….

These are the reasons why I decided to free myself and get out from under the thumb of the insurance companies and to avoid utterly burning out.

I changed my mind set and how I thought about billing/charging clients.

I had to take out the middleman.

I had to be fully autonomous and think like a business (not as hard as I thought it would be).

I can serve with integrityhonesty, and trust.

I’ve stopped having to make excuses for the insurance companies.

Won’t you?

Don't know where to start?

Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call and let's envision your practice transformation. 

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