YES Scott, I'm Ready
To Make Progress
Like Never Before & Complete My
Most Important 
Projects and Tasks!

Want to be more productive?

  • Twenty Accountability Coaching Calls Over the next month to identify my most important projects and tasks and have Scott meeting with me throughout the month to keep me accountable and moving forward. Our first call is 30 minutes, and each call thereafter is 15 minutes.
    ($997 value)
  • Automatic Habit Creation and Support to identify and instill an empowering habit (or remove a negative one) so that I can grow in another area of my life (I choose the habit I want to add or remove). ($497 value)
  • One Custom Affirmation and Installation to program my subconscious to improve any area of my life. ($497 value)
  • Gold Star Tracking and Reward to keep my eyes on the prize and motivate me to get my most important projects and tasks done between our coaching calls. ($497 value)
  • UNLIMITED Access to The Radical Results Power Hour so I have a space to work on my projects and tasks between accountability coaching calls. ($97 value)
  • Earlybird Incentive to motivate me to actually get my daily work done before I even plan to do it - words can't describe how amazing I'll feel when I get my work done ahead of schedule! ($497 value)

Total Value: $3579

*If On Our First Call Either of Us Feels Like Accountability Coaching Is Not PERFECT For You, Your Money Will Be Immediately Refunded - No Risk!