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Master Entrepreneurial Strategies & Propel Your Revenue & Profits Forward!

This academy was created to give every small business owner unrestricted access to the tools, marketing resources, and support they need to build a successful business on a shoestring!

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April 30, 2023, at midnight PDT


Many of today’s top marketers have called this program the single most powerful client attraction and revenue generating program available today!

Access to this unique e-learning platform WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

Tired of struggling to attract new customers and grow your business, despite pouring all your time and energy into it?

Overwhelmed and stressed out by the endless demands of running a small business, from managing finances to dealing with employee issues?

Frustrated with the challenges of adapting to a constantly changing market, and worried about how to stay relevant in the digital age?

Struggling to balance your business responsibilities with your personal life, leaving you feeling exhausted and burnt out? 

Introducing the E-Learning Business Academy!

I can guarantee that you've never seen anything like this... at your fingertips, you can gain access to THE solution that can help you get laser focused in either building your business from scratch or tweaking it at whatever stage it is at.

You get a 52-week series of valuable, "Virtual MBA" lessons revealed to you week by week to avoid getting overwhelmed. Also, you get full access to 16 additional modules of resources that complement your weekly lessons.

This is a comprehensive program of more than 150 hours of world-class, step-by-step instructional video training, downloadable handouts, workbooks, and audio files to listen to on the go. 

Exclusive offer! Enroll now and save 77% !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

For your core foundation, week by week, you will gain access to a link to a video presentation and a workbook that will focus on a specific business fundamental you need to implement and help you begin to apply that information into your business immediately. At the end of each week, you automatically receive an email summary and links to additional resources. 

In addition to your 52-week virtual MBA, you'll have access to sixteen additional sections that are packed with valuable assets for your complete business education.

You could literally spend thousands at an online university or even any of the other online learning platforms. Not here...

Work Smarter Not Harder

Work fewer hours while actually making more money. Learn to recognize and then focus on the "critical few;" these are your highest income-producing activities that can make you the most money with the least amount of effort.

Marketing and Sales

Learn the foundations for marketing and sales to create compelling messaging such as elevator pitches, unique selling propositions, email, lead-magnets, websites, landing pages, videos, and even printed materials if you wish. There's so much more!

Done For You Resources

Access the world's most comprehensive marketing library! We have done-for-you resources across hundreds of business types. Here you'll find the elevator pitch library, email library, sales letter library, script library, TV ad library, and USP library. Dig into them and adapt them to get results for businesses fast!

Case Studies

Are you looking for specific ways to help businesses solve their thorny challenges?
Access these 14 real life case studies to see how we helped a variety of businesses overcome their difficulties and move on to success.

and so much more....

Here’s what people are saying about the E-Learning Academy...

Gail Smith

Life & Success Coach

Elevator Pitch Template

I have been working through the 10 second/30 second elevator pitch module of the program. I am finding it extremely helpful. Listen... if all the rest of your modules are like this one, I have good reason to be excited about this opportunity!

Carl Numan

Digital Marketing Agency

21% Response Rate from One Mailing!

The first marketing initiative we used from the E-Learning Academy enabled us to generate 164 new leads in a 9-day period... with many others coming in after that. Thank You!

Sean Boake

SPB Contracting

E-Learning Client Lands $1M Dollar Contract!

Just after joining your program, I realized the opportunity I was missing by not leveraging my past clients. I immediately implemented a follow up program I observed in the online system strategy library. That one observation has since generated a $1,000,000.00 contract. I have worked one to one with the likes of Arnold Palmer and this system is a GREAT online marketing coach!

The Details....

Implementing Just One or Two of These Lessons Can Get You a 100% or More Return on Investment!!


Module 2: Create Competition-Crushing Marketing

Weeks 13-28


Module 4: Profit Growth Strategies


Modules 5-16: Jumpstart 12 Strategies

Start implementing any of these 12 strategies and watch your revenue and profit exponentially grow!


Modules 17-20: Profit Acceleration Resources

Check out these incredible bonuses!

  • Additional Deep Dive 40 Strategies
  • Profit Acceleration Resources
  • Million Dollar Business
  • Case Studies


Enroll in the E-Learning Academy for the Year

Get these three amazing bonuses for one low price. The coaching alone is well worth the cost of membership!

Bonus 1
"Kix-Start" Accountability Coaching

Tired of not getting things done that you know need to be done?
Running your own business is
difficult and most of the time you only have yourself to answer to.

Want some real accountability?

Get one month of daily coaching sessions

(20 weekdays) and
get sh*t done! There are way too many benefits to describe so click here and see for yourself. This coaching is

valued at $3579

Bonus 2
Laser Coaching

You will love this version of one-to-one coaching! For an entire year, you will have unlimited 15-minute "laser focused" coaching sessions with me with whatever you need to get

done in your business! As long as you do your "homework" from the prior session, you can schedule as many meetings as you need! 

You get a recording of each session so you can review at your leisure. Missing some notes, watch the session.

You also get email access in

between meetings. 

It's laser focused so we get in and out, saving you tons of time during your busy day. 

Sells for $1997

Bonus 3
Twelve Additional Months of the E-Learning Academy

Not one, three or six months, but you get an entire twelve months free when you take advantage of the single pay option valued at $3564

Total Value $9140!

But wait, there's more... 

I'll even throw in either the Profit Acceleration or Digital Marketing Software Assessment that will help you discover $10K - $50K or more in hidden revenue and profits in your business. We'll run the numbers through 497 MILLION weighted algorithmic sequences that results in a populated roadmap you can specifically follow. This is a 2+ hour meeting with me showing you the power of the software assessment and how you can generate more revenue and profit without having to spend any more on advertising or marketing. You'll get a custom .pdf report detailing your results and how you can achieve them. Easily valued at $1997 or more...

About Your Coach -

Scott Kixmiller

Scott's mission is straightforward – to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales, and increase their overall revenue and profits quickly and inexpensively.
If you’re interested in adding an extra $10K - $50K or more to your bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months without selling more time for money, he can help you.

Scott specializes in sales and marketing for small business owners.

Over the years as a small business owner & coach, Scott has developed an understanding and toolbox of resources regarding the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today.

His experience and access to seasoned colleagues has helped him develop skills to educate business owners quickly and effectively to successfully apply the right strategies in the correct order, allowing them to grow their business to its maximum capacity.


In fact, he can show you in LESS than 3 minutes how you can easily double your current profits WITHOUT spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.

He also has a revolutionary business assessment software system that can quickly pinpoint major profit impacts within any business.

These areas are often overlooked by the vast majority of business owners and are subsequently costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. He also has a special talent for helping business owners create competition-crushing marketing.

He begins this process by exposing the flaws in marketing that almost all small business owners fall prey to and explain why these flaws are stifling the growth of all business owners today.

Scott's business growth model is perfectly positioned to help business owners realize their dream of creating their own multi-million-dollar business that feeds their passion to achieve personal, financial, and professional freedom.

He happily lives with his long-time partner in his home state of North Carolina where he graduated both Appalachian State and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Scott Kixmiller

Here’s what people are saying about Scott

Fred Shanks

Independent Business Owner

Bail Bondsman's Phone Won't Stop Ringing

I was shocked at Scott's ability to produce light bulb moments!

Esther Dixon

Corporate Training Company

Team Contracts Keep Getting Renewed

I followed Scott’s directive and was just offered a $60,000 contract! If you have not talked with Scott, you need to make time, even if you are not clear on what direction you want to go, he will provide you with assorted options for consideration.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Copywriting and Ads Keep On Improving

A new client signed up with me two days ago. We worked on her pitch yesterday, and she immediately put it out to social media groups she is in… and already has interest in her services. Needless to say, she is so excited! Thanks Scott!

monthly option



  • Month to Month Access
  • Drip Access to Weekly Modules
  • Immediate Access to Bonus Modules
  • Regularly $297 mo. Save 77%
Yearly with Bonuses



  • 24-Month Access
  • Immediate Start to All Modules
  • One month Accountability Coaching
  • One year of Unlimited Laser Coaching
  • 2-hour Profit or Digital Acceleration Software assessment & coaching session
  • Save $167 over the monthly rate
  • With Bonuses - Total Value: $10,637

This offer closes on
April 30, 2023, at midnight PDT


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 15-Days

If for any reason during the first 15 days of enrollment, you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the E-Learning Academy?

What is Accountability Coaching?

What is Laser Coaching?

What is the PAS/DAS?

monthly option



  • Month to Month Access
  • Drip Access to Weekly Modules
  • Immediate Access to Bonus Modules
  • Regularly $297 mo. Save 77%
Yearly with Bonuses



  • 24-Month Access
  • Immediate Start to All Modules
  • One month Accountability Coaching
  • One year of Unlimited Laser Coaching
  • 2-hour Profit or Digital Acceleration Software assessment & coaching session
  • Save $167 over the monthly rate
  • With Bonuses - Total Value: $10,637

My mission is to be the go-to marketing and coaching authority that helps guide business professionals into developing the marketing mindset and practices for transforming their businesses into more profitable, fulfilling ventures through value, honesty and integrity leading to a life of freedom for themselves and their families.

You are my number one priority, and I will see to it that you are satisfied with your results!!

- Scott Kixmiller