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What is the Mindscan?

Transformation begins with our thinking. Based on the Nobel-nominated Hartman Value Profile, the MindScan assessment is an axiological inventory that measures a person’s capacity to make value judgments concerning the world and one’s self. Instead of simply understanding “how” a person behaves, it objectively measures “why” a person behaves the way they do, provides the deepest possible understanding of behavior in the workplace and reveals precisely how to align your thinking strengths with your business plan in order to accelerate successes.


About the Hartman Value Profile

Known widely as the forefather of modern axiology (the study of value), logician and philosopher Robert S. Hartman was one of the most sought after business consultants in the US. Though Hartman passed away in 1973, the legacy of this Nobel Peace Prize nominee lives on in the application of his work in the field of axiology (the science of value).

After considering the atrocity of the “evils” of World War II, Hartman began to research the subject of “What is good?” Hartman hoped to organize good as efficiently and effectively as evil, seeking a method for measuring the “intangibles” in life with the goal of measuring them objectively. Based on the formula Vx=2n-1, Hartman established the three value dimensions: intrinsic (human), extrinsic (concrete) and systemic (theoretical)—the foundation for his Hartman Value Profile (HVP). The HVP is not a description of what is valuable, but is rather a test to determine what people regard as valuable. More importantly, the HVP is a proven diagnostic tool for predicting future performance in candidates for advanced positions in the corporate setting. Unlike conventional behavioral methods, profiling values cannot be manipulated.

Hartman’s vision and work continues today through the Robert S. Hartman Institute (RSHI), whose mission is to “collect, compile, preserve, and protect in unity and solidarity information concerning and related to the formal and applied axiological value foundations and legacy (value theory) of Robert S. Hartman.”


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Mindscan FAQs

How does the MindScan™ Assessment work?

The MindScan™ assessment is designed to objectively measure each person’s thought processes as they relate to one’s self (internal) the world around them (external). The resulting report literally “shows” the way a person thinks as a detailed “map of motivations.”

What makes the MindScan™ Assessment different from other behavioral assessments?

Unlike most other behavioral evaluation methods, the MindScan™ assessment doesn’t measure what individuals think of themselves. Instead of subjectively categorizing people by type into a category or bucket of “HOW” they behave, the MindScan seeks the underlying truth of “WHY” a person behaves the way they do, based on their thinking patterns. The information that the MindScan gleans from the end user is more insightful than any other behavioral test around, and nothing produces the same amount of depth and understanding of the MindScan™ Assessment.

What makes the MindScan™ Assessment different from personality assessments?

The MindScan™ Assessment is not a personality tool. Personality tools tend to be self-perception tools for self-identifying from group of a preset “types” (subjectively lumping the person being assessed into a group). Personality tools do not assess the reality of how someone thinks. By comparison, the MindScan™ Assessment relies on mathematical data based on an individual’s thinking. It objectively measures the subjects beliefs (and, in turn, actions). Instead of considering the subject only in comparison to others (like personality assessments), the MindScan™ Assessment views the subject as an individual and unique set of values and beliefs.

Does the MindScan™ Assessment consider any social factors related to the person taking it (e.g., sex, age, race, creed, etc.)?

The MindScan™ is a truly unbiased assessment. It has no bias with respect to sex, age, race, creed, or any other socio-cultural classification. The results are derived from logical mathematical norms, and they are not based on the values of any specific population or group. Quite simply, MindScan™ is the one assessment designed to work for every person within an organization.

How is the MindScan™ Assessment administered?

Based on the Nobel-nominated Hartman Value Profile, the MindScan™ assessment is conducted using an easy-to-understand and quick-to-use online form. The test subject simply signs in, ranks two sets of 18 items … and they’re done! From there, the resulting report is generated automatically and forwarded for review to one of our certified MindScan™ Advisors.

How “actionable” are the results of the MindScan™ Assessment?

More powerful than the MindScan™ assessment is the resulting MindScan™ Report. Because it literally “shows” the way a person thinks, it provides a clear understanding why an individual is not performing up to par and provides a foundation for developing a detailed plan for getting underperforming employees on track to being their best in the workplace.

What does the MindScan™ Report look like?

The MindScan™ Report is actually published in the form of two related documents. The first is the MindScan™ Summary Report; it’s just a few pages long and takes only about 30 minutes to review with a MindScan™ Certified Advisor. The second is the Full MindScan™ Report; this 21-page report acts the map for outlining the tactics and goals that will move the subject toward peak performance.

What are the long-term implications of the MindScan™ Report?

Because the MindScan™ Report provides a clear picture of how a person thinks, over time, it can also show you how a person’s thinking has changed. That means the MindScan™ Assessment provides an unparalleled ability to measure Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Objectives (ROO) and Value of Investment (VOI). After all, isn’t that the real bottom line?

Can I take the MindScan™ Assessment without having to consult with a MindScan™ Advisor?

Unfortunately, no. But that’s for your benefit. Every MindScan™ Advisor is specifically trained and certified in the administration, evaluation, and application of the MindScan™ Assessment and the MindScan™ report.

Is it possible for me to get certified to use the MindScan™ Assessment in my own coaching practice?

Absolutely! The process to become a MindScan™ Advisor is relatively simple, and is handled online through our MindScan™ Certification Program. While the MindScan™ software is proprietary, privately-branded sites are available for certified coaches to use in administering the MindScan™ Assessment to their clients. We offer a flexible subscription options which include administration of the exams, calculation of the results, and a “back office” system for coaches to use in working with their clients. Finally, considering the return on the investment and the benefits to coaching clients, it’s win-win proposition!

Where can I find out more about getting certified as a MindScan™ Advisor?

If you’re a coaching professional who’d like more information about the MindScan™ Certification Program, please email us at scott@proadvisorcoach.com. We’ll be happy to show you how simple and powerful the MindScan™ system can be, and find the subscription option that best fits your needs.