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The Three Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make... And Show You How You Can Easily and Systematically Overcome Them All.

Marketing that accomplishes these three objectives will result in your prospects and customers coming to one single conclusion... that they would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of price.

  • Why a tactical approach to your marketing is inferior to a strategic one
  • You're doomed to forever compete on price when you don't do this one thing
  • Use this special equation to Generate Quality Leads every time
  • Two case studies with proven, illustrated examples you can use today

This guide will teach you:

What Marketing is
Supposed To Do

Its first job is to capture the attention of your target market.

Second, it must give them the hope that reading or listening to your marketing will give them enough information to help them make the best decision possible when buying whatever you sell. In other words, train and teach them how to recognize the true value of your product or service... and conclude that you... and you alone... offer the best value versus your competition.

Marketing’s third job is to lower the risk of taking the next step in the buying process... and if necessary... continue to educate the prospect regarding the value you offer.

Strategy is Better
Than Tactics

Most business owners don’t have the evaluation skills or the knowledge to judge whether poor marketing results
from poor strategy or poor tactical execution.

It's not your fault...

Most, if not all small business owners have been conditioned to think that using tactics is the proper way to market their businesses... since most advertising follows this same pathetic marketing formula... including the Fortune 500 types.

This is where our step-by-step roadmap can generate more leads than your business can handle.

The Conversion Equation

When you can’t communicate the true value your business offers, you’re doomed to forever compete on price.

Our conversion equation will change all of that for you forever. It’s going to be the backbone of your strategic marketing plan. It’s the foundation on which everything else we build for you is based. 

Case Studies

You can easily duplicate these two case studies into your own successful lead generation and marketing. 

Ultimately, when you can overcome these lead generation mistakes, you will generate all the leads your business can handle and turn your dreams of owning your business into reality!

What others are saying about this guide:

Trucking Company Triples Revenue in 3 Months

Since taking on this marketing system to assist in our strategic direction, my company has increased revenues from $14K to a whopping $52K per month! I would like to say it was a difficult process... but in truth, it was simply a little outside the box thinking. Over the next 12 months my goal is to take revenues to $100K per month and I believe it will absolutely happen!

brent easton  //  Owner

21% Response Rate from One Mailing!

The first marketing initiative we used enabled us to generate 164 new leads in a 9-day period... with many others coming in after that. Thank You!

windy howden 

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